14-Mode Handheld Showerhead


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Chrome Hand Shower

Hybrid Power Control bracket

5-Foot Premium Stainless Steel Hose



Up to 30% more water force with OptiFlow®

Hybrid Power Control in bracket

Choose Power or Savings

14 total Spray Settings - 7 Full Flow + 7 EcoFlow®

Limited lifetime warranty

Installs in minutes

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98,500 Ks tax incl.

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Power up your shower with the enhanced strength of Water Pik’s PowerSpray+™ Series, designed to make every shower an invigorating and uplifting experience. The Hybrid Power Control, located in the bracket, allows you to customize your shower by selecting the right amount of power in any spray setting. Adjust the dial to choose between Full Power, EcoFlow® or Water-saving trickle. Choose Full Power for invigorating, choose EcoFlow® to maximize performance with less water, or move the dial to Water-saving trickle to conserve while you lather, shave, or shampoo.

The Waterpik PowerSpray+™ handheld shower head with 14 spray settings is engineered with OptiFlow® to maximize your shower power. Even at low water pressures, OptiFlow® can improve water force up to 30% by more efficiently channeling water.