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Responsive support for posture change

The T2 Height-Adjustable Desk has an adventurous personality and an intelligent motor that responds to your needs and your choices. It facilitates different postures throughout the day—from sit to stand—supporting an agile workspace and personal well-being.

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Smartphone app

Verb is an optional smartphone app that enhances T2’s functionality, enabling it to support your well-being in the workplace. It pairs with T2 to track and manage how you work, using ergonomic algorithms and your anthropomorphic data to determine the best desk heights for you. It can even give you tailored advice on when to sit or stand in order to optimise your health and minimise fatigue.

No clutter

Clean, clutter-free design is at the heart of T2’s ethos. T2 stands on one central column, giving it a distinctive, streamlined look. Its motor is tucked neatly out of sight, and each movement is speedy yet discreet. The high-performance actuator and structural beams are seamlessly integrated into the design, all housed in the custom-designed chassis. This way, the undercarriage stays clutter-free. Carefully designed cable reticulation conceals all cords running from the floor to the desk. The only visible cable—which connects the desk to a power point—retracts easily when you step on the foot lever.